Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letters from Alvina Krause: March 1979

The Dean continues to woo.

Do tell me whatever you can find out about the Alumni celebration in May. Why is the Dean suddenly eager that I appear on that occasion? I think I told you that he had invited me by mail. Then this week he telephoned. Would I come? Consider it seriously? I stuttered (hate telephones!) and he urged further and I answered, "Where Speech School is concerned I am an alien." That stopped him for a moment. then, yes, he knew, he understood. If only we could meet and talk, etc. etc. for half an hour. I said, "Alumni Days can be lonely experiences. I do not choose loneliness."
"You won't be! We have plans. There will be people there -- David." So what goes? Who will be there? I know no one. McBurney successfully cut all Alumni ties. So why should I come to the Centennial Alumni Day. When Muriel and Vera consulted him before Christmas about something in my honor, he was very cool and they decided to give nothing. What happened after that? I would do anything if I could believe there was serious intention to restore the School to the honor of the Dennis-Cumnock days. But I refuse to be a pawn in a fund raising campaign to promote the work of Coakley, Schneideman, [another colleague's name -- DD] and their ilk. It was not easy to stand for quality in those McBurney days, but I did it. I do not care to compromise now. If you can give me any clues as to what goes on, please do.
Am I a nuisance?
A. K.

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