Monday, January 14, 2013

Letters from Alvina Krause: February 1980

Krause's eighty-seventh January 1980 birthday.

Pink roses and purple heather! They make me almost forget that another year has been subtracted. I love them! You are a special person who remembers. No doubt someone has told you of the exciting, beautiful birthday party at Joanne's. What greater gift can there be, greater than love that asks nothing in return? Now we can begin classes again on Tuesday with a free, joyful expectation. I am a most fortunate person: in a world of violence I am supported by love. Would I could take my message to Washington, to the Kremlin, to Iran!
I was disturbed that the TV program did not reproduce the points I really tried hard to make: that theatre must survive if civilization is to survive. Where church and schools have failed theatre could illuminate if we disassociate theatre from "show" business. Be sure you send that home in your classes: theatre is an Art, a great Art; in ordinary times it could be served as an art, great as the dance, as opera, as symphony; but these are not ordinary times; these are days of survival; theatre by its very nature can illuminate these times, perhaps save us from the ultimate disaster. Don't dare teach Hamlet without creating that lascivious world which destroyed him. "The rest is silence". What is that silence? Take your students to a grasp of that silence. "King Lear" Oh dear God! Shakespeare saw it all: a world fallen into the hands of money-mad Gonerils and Reagans! You are teaching at this hour, David, and theatre could be more powerful than -- the bomb? God be with you!

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