Monday, November 26, 2012

Letters from Alvina Krause: Fall 1976

Where Krause wrote names,  I use capital letters.

Your progress is stupendous!
The group here had a setback -- We gave too much time to the pantomime for the Fair -- the Wedding dress exhibition [Above the fireplace in the living room hung a painting of Lucy's grandmother in a wedding dress; in the trunk Lucy's grandmother had packed when she fled the Union troops, Lucy had the dress. One of the Bloomsburg group, Laurie McCants, wore it for the fair. See attached photo  --DD] -- It got them off the track. But they are back in stride this week -- A is terrific in grasp and understanding, B is equal to him and adds a wider background. C is growing -- you should see her Work now -- D has depths I did not dream of -- They are a joy --
Carry on


Laurie McCantz wearing Lucy's grandmother's dress and standing before the portrait -- and it seems grandmother is wearing something other than the wedding gown.
A note from Jerry Stropnicky, founding member of The Bloomsburg Theatre ensemble:  I remember that dress, which I reconstructed from unsewn fabric. The silk was given by President Polk to Lucy's ancestor, the thread had disintegrated in storage. Lucy wanted the dress reconstructed, so we did and won the blue ribbon (first prize) at the Bloomsburg Fair. Stories layered on stories.

And this is Laurie in a rehearsal skirt for Irina from Three Sisters and Nina from The Sea Gull etc. in front of the house several of them rented.

[Photos posted with the approval of Laurie McCantz]


  1. My, my. So happy that I'm still happy here in Bloomsburg! Thanks for sending us this way. But I have to say I'm somewhat dreading the postings of AK's later letters about us... when she wasn't so happy with us! Ah, but all of that--- the joys, the terrors--- all of that made me who I am today! As AK said: "You are the choices you make."

  2. I'm posting Krause's letters here in order to throw some light on her teaching and on the mentor/apprentice relationship she created with me in the early years of my teaching.
    There are entire letters and sections of letters that I am not posting in which Krause wrote about individual colleagues and students.
    Nothing here for anyone to dread.
    Thanks for giving me your permission to post the photos.

  3. Understood. I think it's great you're sharing the letters. She should be better known.