Friday, November 2, 2012

Letters from Alvina Krause: 25 November 1975




Lucy wrote that -- which tells you that there is hope again -- I am assuming that the beautiful flowers came from you -- red roses, heather, pink carnations -- Lovely! She was not capable of seeing them the first day. Now she smiles in response. The doctor today said "Better! Much better" and he stays talking to her about an hour. Just talking about gardens and people and things. He performed this arteriogram  on the Maharajah of India. Lucy chuckles over that; he says he has improved in the intervening years.
I stay right here every day and some nights for it is essential that she be relaxed and unworried. And I can calm her when panic raises its ugly head. She has been here for three weeks and it will probably be two to three weeks more. But she is alive! And today the prospects are good. Will you pass the word along? I find it difficult to write. Tell John Van Meter.


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