Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letters from Alvina Krause: Teaching Beginning Acting

November 1973

So you have met Winifred Ward [Taught Creative Dramatics 1918-1950 -- DD]. Keep in touch with her. She is a great person. Her work is known around the world and destroyed in Evanston.

[...Comments about another teacher -- DD]

Keep asking pertinent questions in the journal--
"How does this apply to Romeo when-----"
"Tell me how you work on ----- Results?"
"Draw Romeo's spine"
"Describe Juliet's movement as she looks at the sun dial 'The clock struck nine" --

Always hold them to specific tasks -- Responses that go into action.
Have you tried the blindness responses to make them aware of eyes -- and other senses
Deafness -- same
Paralysis --
Take away one sense, others must compensate

Your teaching outlines reveal excellent work. Keep your courage up.

About the Christmas card, I had in mind something that says my spine is still erect, I'm still active, I still say "Respond". No photograph. Line drawing that says I am still alive in mind and body. I don't know about process of reproduction. There must be Offset presses in Chicago even Evanston. They could tell you what could be done -- The enclosed card: could something similar be done with a person instead of a house -- If it is a crazy idea, just say so. I so seldom can find a card I like: that's what is behind my request --

Call Van Meter when you get discouraged or uncertain or in any need -- He has bolstered up my courage many times.

I'm with you always

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