Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Letters from Alvina Krause: The Christmas Card

Krause asked me to design a Christmas card for her -- a pencil drawing of her teaching in her downstairs recreation room.
It was tough going. I had no photo to refer to and I had little creativity to put into anything other than surviving the first quarter of teaching. I sent what I had managed to come up with. That first pencil sketch has not survived.
This is her return letter.

Dear David,
Your material came today -- The idea of the card is right, I think. It says "still active", "spine erect", "hold to what is good, is true", Right?
Correction: I never wear a tucked-in-at-the-waist blouse.
Preference =


A little loose or open like these.
[With little bits of masking tape Krause attached these photos from a catalogue. Note the medallion she inked onto the second photo -- DD]

Lucy did not approve of the hair. Perhaps this photograph shows what she wants: the roll up high on the head.

Since time is growing short, perhaps you could send the finished design to me and I could have it done here where printers may not be so rushed. But get it back as soon as possible. I am so very grateful to you for attempting this. My soul rebels at the "typical" Christmas greeting behind which people can hide.


The final drawing wasn't suitable either. I think the university archives has it.
Alas, AK's 1973 Christmas card was a typical one.

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