Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letters from Alvina Krause: Summer 1977

It had been a tumultuous Ft. Lauderdale summer. This post is a conflation of two letters from Krause with discussions of her Bloomsburg students omitted.

Wisdom, David! Seek it! Hang onto it! Wisdom and understanding. Let this summer lead you to it. Try hard to see through this tangle and come through it without scars that are too deep.
...try to reach understanding. Pass no judgment until you can view it all from a distant mountain top. And grow, David! Taller and taller.
I think you all have learned much this summer. Or rather, much has crystallized. You have grown. I think you are, at least, the leader you should be. Is the way clear now? Are you strong enough to take over the role you must play at NU? No more downstage extra player positions? You know now that you can act, you can direct, you can teach.
The questions you ask me are the ones that hit me after I was retired and started travelling to other teachers. It hit hard: Where were the teachers of acting? I was shocked, amazed, sick: All other aspects of theatre taught in detail, but no acting -- Why? -- Because in this country -- in this great America, the "star" system prevails! You have it or you don't have it: it can't be taught -- And it has infected [Krause names names -- DD]
I don't need to give you the answer, David. You know it. You have found it.
Meanwhile if this group can start things going in Bloom -- Who knows maybe you don't need NU --
Be brave --
Two roads- - - -
I took the one less travelled by
And that made all the difference


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